Dana White would like to pair Ferguson and Khabib as part of TUF

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Dana White would like to pair Ferguson and Khabib as part of TUF

The fight between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson is one that MMA fans will not regret for a long time, that is, they will not regret the fact that this fight never happened. A total of five times we witnessed the cancellation of that fight for various reasons, and in the end Khabib Nurmagomedov retired before we got a chance to witness this fight.

Tony Ferguson’s career has taken a downward trajectory and he is now in a string of four consecutive defeats. All four came against the best in the lightweight category, but it is clear that Ferguson is no longer the old one.

Even if Khabib hadn't retired, Ferguson would probably have a hard time getting to that match, given that Nurmagomedov was the champion and Ferguson is currently far from a "title shot" Regardless of all that, that match would certainly attract a lot of public attention.

It is clear that Khabib has no plans to return to competition, at least not in the role of a fighter. So Tony Ferguson made an interesting proposal last month. “I believe that when his dad [Khabib’s] said that we were supposed to compete, I believe that.

Regardless, I would love to be able to coach against him in The Ultimate Fighter,” Ferguson said on The MMA Hour. “The best man wins on the team. I guarantee my coaching is a lot better than yours, Khabib. Not a lot of people understand that.

I don’t have to break anyone’s rib for that s***. My coaching goes a long away and I can build my team. I built a team for a 12-fight win streak, and I can definitely build a team again to be able to go and beat that son of a b****.

I have nothing personal against him, besides him running away from [our fight] during the pandemic hit and being a scared little dude, but I gotta respect that family is first”. Ferguson said in a conciliatory tone, visiting the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, and Khabib soon responded.

“Tony I like the idea about TUF, call your bosses and let them make an offer. But if they don’t have ideas, I myself will offer you a deal on the @EagleFightClub platform, we doing some business here you know”.

Nurmagomed said on Twitter.

Dana White open to the idea

Both fighters have shown interest in coaching roles in TUF, and given that TUF has been attracting less and less attention lately, such a refreshment would come in very handy.

It seems that Dana White also recognized a good opportunity in all this, and finally made a public statement about the verbal agreement between Ferguson and Khabib. “So you’re telling me, you guys as fans, media, whatever it might be, like the idea of two guys possibly coaching that wouldn’t fight each other?” White responded Tuesday when asked about Ferguson’s proposal on The Spinnin Backfist MMA Show.

“I’ll consider it. Congratulations. ... I will absolutely entertain that idea”. The UFC president seems unable to come to terms with the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov will not and does not want to return to competition.

The retired Dagestani has made it clear that he has made a promise to his mother and has no plans to break it. White is trying his best to get him to do just that, but they are simply people of a completely different culture and upbringing.

For White, money, and profit are always his number one priority, and Nurmagomedov has so far skillfully resisted the temptations that White puts him through.