Francis Ngannou responds to the claims he's retiring

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Francis Ngannou responds to the claims he's retiring

Francis Ngannou’s contract with the UFC, was one of the most interesting topics earlier this calendar year. With the victory over Ghana, "Predator" got an automatic extension of his contract for another three matches or for a year.

Given that Ngannou suffered a serious knee injury before the fight against Gane and underwent surgery in the third month to remove him from the cage by the end of the year, it is not impossible for Ngannou to simply wait for the one-year extension to expire and then leave the promotion.

The UFC heavyweight champion insists on more freedom in his new contract and wants to be given the opportunity to do boxing matches as well. There has been talking for a long time about a possible exhibition between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou, and "Predator" does not want to miss such an opportunity, just because the UFC for some reason does not allow it.

As time went on, however, Ngannou withdrew somewhat from the public eye and worked hard on his recovery. The heavyweight category could witness the match for the interim champion, and Jon Jones and Stipe Miocic are listed as the main candidates for such a showdown.

As for Ngannou, it is still unknown whether we will ever watch him again within the UFC, and one of his followers on Twitter wondered if we would ever watch Francis again in martial arts.

Ngannou immediately rejected such allegations.

''I'm just getting started bro!

I have at least 5 more years to conquer everything. #3KINGS'', A short but clear answer from the UFC's '' royal category '' champions.

Ngannou turns 36 in the ninth month of this year. Considering that he is a heavyweight, his best years are actually yet to come and it would be a real shame if his career ended now.

The good news is that Francis isn’t thinking about retiring, and even if he leaves the UFC, he’ll attract interest wherever he performs, because such a hitter isn’t born often.