(VIDEO) Israel Adesanya almost knocked out his own coach

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(VIDEO) Israel Adesanya almost knocked out his own coach

Israel Adesanya recently gave his coach a somewhat traumatic experience after inches apart from a circular kick to the head. Carl Van Roon, who runs the ‘Van Roon Martial Arts’ in Auckland, has coached the UFC middleweight champion awaiting belt defense against the dangerous Jared Cannonier.

At the moment seen in the footage, Adesanya nearly knocked out his coach with a kick. While the coach was showing him the technique of performing a circular kick, he had his back turned to Israel. Israel copied his movements and just the moment he decided to take the shot to the end Carl turned his head back and tragedy was averted.

It can even be seen in the video that a breeze blew from Adesanya's blow. The coach himself joked that he almost got a free haircut, while Israel was shocked and immediately apologized. Adesanya is one of the most technically savvy hitters on the entire UFC roster and often knocks out opponents with perfect 'timing' hits.

In a post on Instagram, Van Roon attached the video with the following sentence and 'hashtags': "@stylebender almost knocks me out 😅 It’s always fun training with this guy #closeshave #neardeathexperience #razorsedge #twinning #twinningiswinning."

The video:

Israel is defending his championship belt at the UFC 276 event on July 2 (7th month) against Jared Cannonier.

Jared has recorded 5 wins in his last six appearances so he definitely deserved the challenger position and the opportunity to attack the belt. Israel will have a difficult task, and it will be interesting to see if they will use some of the blows they demonstrated on Instagram in the fight.

Adesanya has said that he doesn't even know where his title belt is after winning six bouts with a title on the line if you count his interim fight with. Kelvin Gastellum. "The belt is quite heavy," he explained while speaking with Combat TV.

"I actually don't know where it is right now. I'm not attached to that thing at all. I know who the f*** I am, I've been a champ before the belt. It's heavy. It doesn't need to be that heavy but I think they made it heavy for the emphasis.

So you know you're holding something like, 'Woah, this is something of substance.' It's a cool belt. I like it."