Khamzat Chimaev v. Belal Muhammad in October?

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Khamzat Chimaev v. Belal Muhammad in October?

The UFC’s welterweight category hasn’t been loaded with strong names like this in a long time, where it’s hard to choose who deserves the belt fight against Kamara Usman the most. Usman is currently recovering from arm surgery, and the next in line to attack his belt should be Leon Edwards.

The other welterweight fighters do not want to waste time, so they decided to carry out the elimination to the place of the next first challenger. On that occasion, Khamzat Chimaev challenged Belal Muhammad to a duel via his Twitter profile.

“I will fight you if you don’t take the Palestinian flag into battle @bullyb170 [pointing up emoji]” Chimaev tweeted. “Respect bro .”. Muhammad replied. “I’ll bring a flag for you too and we both fight FOR Palestine.

I can’t bring the flag down to the battlefield anymore even if I wanted to. But… دمي فلسطيني (Palestinian doll) [three Palestine flag emojis]” “October Abu Dhabi,” said Chimaev before Muhammad responded with “Deal”.

Chimaev 3rd and Muhammad 5th in the UFC rankings

Muhammad and Chimaev both have very important victories behind them in which they have proven how much they are actually worth. Chimaev defeated Gilbert Burns in one of the best fights this year, proving that he is not just a 'hype train' that will go out after the first real challenge, and Muhammad defeated Vicente Luque two months ago in another very interesting fight.

With this victory, Chimaev broke into 3rd place in the UFC rankings, while Muhammad holds 5th place. Muhammad is currently on a seven-game winning streak against respectable opponents, and he also had a canceled fight against Leon Edwards after an accidental finger prick in the eye.

Chimaev is undefeated in his 11 MMA fights, and this ‘match-up’ is actually what most fans want to see. It is a real challenge for both fighters in which the winner will be one step closer to the title. Assuming the two of them will fight in a similar time period as Usman and Edwards, if no one is seriously injured or has undergone surgery we could look back to next spring’s winner of the fight Chimaev and Muhammad in the title fight.