Joe Rogan impressed many with his commentary on UFC judging and suggestion

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Joe Rogan impressed many with his commentary on UFC judging and suggestion

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has commented on refereeing decisions that have often been the subject of criticism on various podcasts and shows. And the fans have expressed their dissatisfaction, and we’ll see if the UFC tries to make some changes because no one wants dissatisfied fans.

“Maybe there’s a way to score it like you would give points for moments in fights where someone either did damage or someone had control, but control was not worth as much as damage,” Rogan said. “Because you can survive control unscathed.

Just because someone has you down maybe in half-guard, and you’re just clinching and controlling, you can survive that for a couple minutes sometimes, and nothing happens. Even though the person’s in control of you, it’s not that big of a deal.

But then damage: How much more is damage worth? Like if you see the person gets wobbled or you see like a big, impactful kick, you’re like, ‘Wow, that was a significant moment in the fight. So that would be worth more.'

Sheehan on idea

Sheehan thinks it's a good idea, and it seems to have been taken into consideration. Effective Striking/Grappling shall be considered the first priority of round assessments. Effective Aggressiveness is a ‘Plan B’ and should not be considered unless the judge does not see ANY advantage in the Effective Striking/Grappling realm.

Cage/Ring Control (‘Plan C’) should only be needed when ALL other criteria are 100% even for both competitors. This will be an extremely rare occurrence. We hope that the UFC will do everything to improve the quality of the competition, and create a fair and correct environment where every fighter will have equal rights, and where scoring will be based on fair and objective judges. The UFC, as always, plans to implement new things, but we will see if it will be the same this time.