Leon Edwards: When I win the belt, I’ll give him (Masvidal) the title shot

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Leon Edwards: When I win the belt, I’ll give him (Masvidal) the title shot

Just below the radar was the UFC's official announcement regarding a new welterweight title match. Leon Edwards has finally welcomed his chance and on August 20 he will fight Kamaru Usman for the throne of the 77kg category.

The Briton has recorded nine victories in his last ten appearances, and the match against Belal Muhammad ended in a "no contest" due to a stab wound to Muhammad's eye, after which Belal could not continue. Edwards suffered his last defeat from Usman back in 2015.

They both continued to step toward the top after that, but Leon Edwards waited a long time for the opportunity to reach the very top. He’s a fighter who’s not particularly vocal outside the cage and the UFC doesn’t see him as someone who would be commercially valuable.

Edwards is aware that a big match awaits him

As a reminder, Edwards and Masvidal have been pulling certain strings for a long time. In 2019, after the UFC event in London, Edwards tried to get a conversation with Masvidal the "backstage", but "Gamebred" physically attacked Edwards.

The British fighter ended up with a cut under his eye, and unfortunately, we never welcomed that match inside the cage. "Gamebred" and "Rocky" were supposed to fight at the end of last year at the UFC 269 event, but Masvidal canceled their fight due to injury.

Jorge later fought Colby Covington while Edwards waited for his "title shot" “I thought, you little p****,” Edwards told Ariel Helwani “I don’t know that he would have done it anyway. I have a feeling he wouldn’t have done it.

I don’t think he wants to fight. I’ve always said that he doesn’t want to fight me. Honestly, I would have loved for that fight to happen. “When I win the belt, I’ll give him the title shot. That would be a fantastic fight in the U.K.

Bring it back to The O2 where it happened, for the title. That’s what I want to do after this. … I’ll offer it to him. I’ll offer it to him if it happens in the U.K, for sure. My dream scenario would be to bring him back to London and headline London.

I’ve never gotten the opportunity to headline London. First I was supposed to do it with [Tyron] Woodley, then that got cancelled because of COVID. So I’ve always wanted to come back home and do it”. It is difficult to expect that Masvidal will get the opportunity to attack the belt so easily.

He is currently in a series of three consecutive defeats and ranks eighth in the challenger rankings. Fighters like Khamzat Chimaev, Belal Muhammad, and other better-ranked challengers are patiently waiting for their chance.

In addition to losing in a cage, Masvidal is also waging a legal battle over a physical assault on Colby Covington. Jorge knocked out his rival during a clash in front of a restaurant in Miami and damaged his expensive Rolex watch.

Masvidal clearly tends to physically clash with fellow fighters both outside the cage, and Leon Edwards commented on Masvidal’s attack on Colby. “That boy’s a little rat,” Edwards said. “Colby shouldn’t have snitched, but Masvidal, he’s like a little rat.

He’s like a sneaky, run up behind you, throw a shot, and ducks off. He’s a weirdo. A weird, weird man”. Leon explained.