Aljamain Sterling Sterling vs T.J. Dillashaw possible for UFC 279

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Aljamain Sterling Sterling vs T.J. Dillashaw possible for UFC 279

What was expected when it comes to the UFC’s bantamweight category should soon become official as well. Aljamain Sterling will seek his next title defense against former champion T.J. Dillashaw. There is a piece of reliable information about this match.

Dillashaw and Sterling are set to settle at UFC 279, and the location has yet to be determined. Boston and Atlanta are currently in the game, but more will be known in the coming period. As for the timing of this event, the UFC 279 event is scheduled for September 10 (the ninth month), a week after the UFC's arrival in Paris.

Aljamain Sterling will seek his second belt defense in that match. Last year in the third month, Sterling came to the belt after disqualifying Peter Yan. For a year he listened to Sterling contesting his title and that the champion was only on paper.

In the fourth month of this year, Aljamain finally got a chance to confirm his epithet of a champion, and he did so in the rematch against Peter Yan. Split by the referee's decision, he won and defended his title for the first time.

T.J. Dillashaw

As far as T.J. Dillashaw is concerned, he has fought for the belt on two occasions. The first time he lost it to Dominic Cruz, and the second time he left the throne due to a suspension that followed due to doping.

In the third month of 2019, Dillashaw was left without a title, then served a two-year suspension, and returned in the seventh month of last year. He defeated Cory Sandhagen by a split judge's decision and is currently second in the challenger rankings.

The 36-year-old Dillashaw is seen by many as the most complete fighter in the category, and earlier this year he said that Sterling could not endanger him in any segment and that Aljo is afraid of open exchanges. He will have a chance to prove himself in the ninth month, and Sterling is waiting for a new match in which he will try to shut the mouths of all critics.