Askar Mozharov released from the UFC

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Askar Mozharov released from the UFC

Askar Mozharov is no longer part of the UFC. ‘The Black Jaguar’, or as fans called him, ‘Ukrainian McGregor’, fought at UFC Vegas 56 show where he lost and attracted the most attention recently when it was revealed that the fighter had changed his identity several times to preserve the ratio.

After Sherdog conducted the investigation, he revised Mozhar’s ratio, which had been 25-7 until then, but the real one is now 18-13. That change came after Sherdog's legal team went through Askar's history and learned that he had actually changed his name, until then his name was Arthur Shadakov.

After it all came to light, Askar and his team were accused of falsifying information about the professional ratio of this Ukrainian.

Askar released a statement on Instagram

“Rats who write dangerous issues to me you might be unhappy, envious little individuals.
You’re like a tumor that grows and writes me the identical factor.
I do not care about you, do not you perceive? I do not care what you write to me.
I like to struggle and can do it irrespective of the place MMA or different fights.
I’m a cheerful individual I’ve every part I would like you higher take a look at your self who you might be and what you’ve gotten.
Daily I am going one step greater and also you rats do nothing however sit on the sofa and write nonsense!" Sherdog also confirmed that Mozharov, after changing his identity, tried to refute in collaboration with his team that he had fought at all at events where he recorded defeats.

Purely informative, he tried to do that even though there are videos from those same events on YouTube. Mozhar’s ratio is currently 19-13, and in his last appearance, he was knocked out in the first round by Alonzo Menifield.

It seems that even the changes in his identity did not help him to achieve any significant success, and under what name he will continue to perform, it remains to be seen.