Italian TV star Elisabetta Canalis becomes Kickboxer!

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Italian TV star Elisabetta Canalis becomes Kickboxer!

Elisabetta Canalis, Italian TV star and fomer Geroge Clooney's girlfriend, about 43, became a kickboxer, and played her first kickboxing match near Turin for The Night of Kick and Punch, a gala dedicated to ring sports that this year will have as K-1 style kickboxing is the protagonist, which allows you to hit the opponent with kicks, punches and knees The beautiful Italian presenter and model, together with her coach Angelo Valente, showed up in the ring in great physical shape, winning on points against her opponent, the 21-year-old university student Rachele Muratori.

Elisabetta, at the end of the match, said: "Did I feel like a hyena? Yes, because I was hungry! When I am hungry I am sanguine. I am back to one hundred percent, it was really fun." About kickboxing, she said: "Kickboxing for me means balance, stability and also a lot of sweat.

I have been training constantly for a long time and I love this discipline because it requires, in addition to physical effort, a lot of concentration on oneself and also on the opponent. Persevere in the work. combined on body and mind, which can be an ally but also an opponent in life and in the ring, over the years has allowed me to improve my inner stability."

A brief history of kickboxing

Although kickboxing has very remote origins, which date back to the ancient history of Southeast Asia, its current version from which it takes its name was coined in Japan in the sixties. At that time the only forms of full contact combat were full contact karate, Thai muay thai, Russian sambo, French savate, Korean taekwondo, contact karate and Chinese sanda.

The Japanese began organizing full contact karate competitions. This kind of fighting was gaining increasing interest until, in the 70s, some martial arts masters tried to experiment a new formula by combining the punch techniques of boxing with the kicking techniques of karate and thus Full Contact Karate was born.

However, there was a certain confusion of names and styles, also due to the fact that in Full Contact Karate you hit with kicks, from the torso up, while in Japanese kickboxing you could also kick the legs. At the turn of the eighties and the nineties with the term kickboxing a form of full contact karate depopulated in the United States where athletes wore long and wide pants and special shoes, and initially it was forbidden to hit with kicks brought under the belt, among the most important bodies and organizations were WKA and ISKA.

Later, again in Japan, in 1993, a tournament called K-1 was organized, in which K stands for Karate, Kempo and Kickboxing. In this tournament the rules are those of kickboxing, but also the knees without grip and the fists jumped and turned are valid.

The aim was to put athletes of different martial arts and combat sports in the same ring with a sporting regulation that allowed them to compete. Given the very high capitals and the enormous enthusiasm of the Japanese, in these events, the K-1 became the most important tournament in the world.

The term K-1 has now taken on the meaning of a combat sport in its own right, although athletes from muay thai, kickboxing or other similar sports participate; the tournament rules are called K-1 Style.