Adesanya is looking forward to a potential match against Pereira

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Adesanya is looking forward to a potential match against Pereira

Incredibly fast Alex Pereira got a chance to fight in a fight that is probably a “title eliminator”. The brilliant Brazilian kickboxer made his UFC debut late last year, and after just two appearances and two wins, Pereira will be battling fourth-ranked challenger Sean Strickland.

It is a matter of skipping a number of steps, as Pereira has not beaten a single fighter in the Top 15 in his first two appearances. middle category. Izzy almost cleared the middleweight division, and against Jared Cannonier, he is a big favorite.

If he beats him, Sean Strickland will remain the only fighter in the top 5 that Adesanya has not fought. Whittaker and Vettori have already won twice and the category needs "fresh blood"

“I look forward to any of these fights"

“I look forward to any of these fights,” Adesanya explained.

“I don’t like this ‘this is too fast, this is too fast for Pereira’ story, but listen, Jiri [Prochazka] just fought and won the belt in his third UFC fight. Anderson [Silva] did it in the second fight.

So it’s okay, he’s new to MMA. I’ve been in this game for a long time and this generation of TikTok has a 15 second memory. All they see is the knockout, but they don’t watch the first fight or the second fight until the finish line”.

Izzy explained. Admittedly, his comparison doesn’t make that much sense. Jiri Prochazka came to the UFC as a fighter behind which were 30 professional MMA appearances. In doing so, he won against a number of renowned MMA names, and within the UFC he defeated two of the top 10 opponents in his first two appearances.

The reality is that Pereira is simply skipping the stairs and there is no reason for anyone to try to refute that claim. He is also supported by the fact that Sean Strickland is a fighter who prefers standing fights and he is not a fighter who is primarily a grappler.

Stylistically it should suit Pereira much more than someone like Marvin Vettori or Derek Brunson. The UFC recognizes that the match between Pereira and Adesanya could be big, precisely because of the aforementioned two victories of Alex Pereira over Adesanya.

Many believe that Pereira would be a big problem for Izzy in MMA fighting as well because Izzy is not a fighter who will take the fight to the ground floor and seek victory by wrestling. Adesanya believes that the MMA fight will be a completely different story than the two in kickboxing.

“It’s not kickboxing, it’s mixed martial arts,” Adesanya said. “These aren’t big pillow gloves, they’re a lethal four-ounce weapon that I can’t wait to stab through his face after I’ve gone through Jared Cannonier,” Izzy told said ahead of the UFC 276 event that awaits us in just under two weeks.