Ali Abdelaziz claims Khabib would stop Adensanya in 3 rounds

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Ali Abdelaziz claims Khabib would stop Adensanya in 3 rounds

Since his retirement in late 2020, various theories have been put forward about Khabib; most often they are about his potential in the welterweight category, that is, how would he do in a fight with the current champion Kamaru Usman.

Ali Abdelaziz, the controversial manager this time went a step further, namely, he expressed the opinion that Khabib would finish the current middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya in less than three rounds. Khabib retired undefeated in 2020 and with a perfect 29-0 record but has so far resisted any temptation to step back into the octagon.

During his interview with Sherdog, Ali pointed out that he had witnessed many times Khabib's dominance over fighters of various categories, from welterweight to heavyweight. He also said that Khabib currently weighs about 90 kg and Adesanya would not be a problem for him.

Ali thinks Khabib would stop Adensanya in 3 rounds

“If Khabib comes tomorrow and cut to 185, he will stop Israel Adesanya in three rounds, this is my opinion,” Ali told Sherdog. “I see it [at the gym]. He beat heavyweights, light heavyweights, welterweights, lightweights.

He’s unstoppable. He’s like a tractor trailer. Styles, if Khabib want to come back and talk with Dana White, say, ‘Let me fight at middleweight,’ he will finish Israel Adesanya in three rounds because the style of fights.

Adesanya cannot stop his wrestling, he cannot stop his grappling. Striking, of course, Israel is the best striker on this planet. But Khabib can come back and fight middleweight and become a champion today”. It’s hard to create an image of a match like this, although we’ve seen Khabib keep on the ground floor with no problems and a much bigger Rockhold.

Adesanya, on the other hand, is one of the best stand-up fighters in the world with an excellent defense against demolition and is a challenge for absolutely everyone. Although Ali often 'ignites' the fire in this way, we doubt that Khabib would have fought in the middleweight category if he had returned to the competition.