Rodolfo Vieira: I had a problem on my brain – a malformation

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Rodolfo Vieira: I had a problem on my brain – a malformation

Rodolfo Vieira is ready for the next challenge that awaits him. Chris Curtis is his next opponent, but Vieira explained why he had to withdraw from the match with Wellington Thurman. “I had a problem on my brain – a malformation,” Vieira told MMA Junkie and other reporters at Wednesday’s UFC on ESPN 38 media day.

“It’s something that I was born with, so I didn’t know if it was serious or something normal. But the doctor said that I was going to be able to keep fighting and that made me very happy, because I was really afraid to have to retire.

“I was sure that I would have to stop fighting. I was waiting for the worst, and thank God that it didn’t happen, and I’m here and I’m going to fight on Saturday”.


He is happy with the outcome because things could have been much worse.

In the end, Vieira got a sign that he can go back to the ring and keep doing what he loves most. “The good part is this issue made me realize how much I want to keep doing MMA,” Vieira said. “Even with all the fear and anxiousness”.

Vieira is aware that he will face a difficult opponent and a difficult challenge for which he will have to be 100% ready. Also the fact that may scare him is that Curtis has a good run. However, Vieira knows what he can do and how good he is, so a great fight awaits us for sure.

“Chris is a dangerous opponent, a very dangerous striker,” Vieira said. “He’s coming off maybe six or seven wins in a row. He’s tough. He’s a monster and it’s going to be an honor to share the cage with a guy like him. It’s going to be his striking against my jiu-jitsu. It’s no secret”.