Cody Stamann after K.O victory: It’s like getting a monkey off my back

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Cody Stamann after K.O victory: It’s like getting a monkey off my back

Cody Stamann had tremendous pressure before the match with Eddie Wineland, having lost the previous three matches. However, the match ended with KO “Dude, it’s like getting a monkey off my back. I knew I was going to knock him out,” Stamann said to

“Going into the fight, I truly believed that and I told my corner before the fight like don’t get comfortable it’s not going to last long. I wanted to go out there and get in a street fight and it’s always nice when the first time you hit them, they fall down.

I haven’t experienced that in a long time.


Now after so much time he finally got what he wanted. This victory will take a lot of pressure off his back. “You live and die by the sword as an athlete and winning is everything,” Stamann continued.

“It’s hard to be happy in life when your career is suffering and I felt that and it sucked. I was doing everything right and I wasn’t getting the result and to finally have the hard work pay off is a huge burden off me”.

This victory probably brought him a new contract. He showed confidence that he could do a lot. His faith in himself paid off and in the end he deservedly celebrated. We will see what awaits him in the coming period. “I knew it wasn’t enough to just win and I was telling myself that.

In my head, it was to get the knockout or die,” Stamann said. “Obviously, I was supposed to beat Eddie Wineland, and knowing that is huge as I’ve been the betting underdog for a long time and this felt like my opportunity to get things going. I am getting a new contract, I haven’t officially signed it but will in the coming days”.