Take a look at Paddy Pimblett’s eight-week transformation

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Take a look at Paddy Pimblett’s eight-week transformation

UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett is currently in the preparation stages for the upcoming fight against Jordan Leavitt. On that occasion, he recalled his big eight-week body transformation as he prepares for the match against Vargas.

He then lost 25 pounds, and he filmed the entire transformation and recently posted a video on social media. Paddy transformed from a fuller fighter into a sculpted athlete in eight weeks. "My weight loss transformation in my last camp a pic each week for 8 weeks, en route to same again this time" he wrote in his Twitter post.

Paddy Pimblett did his fight earlier this year when he defeated Rodrigo Vargas by a break in the first round and is now already preparing for his next opponent. It was Paddy’s second win under the auspices of the UFC, and he won both with a break in the first round.

Overeating was never a foreign concept to him; in fact, he is one of those fighters who like to gain a lot of weight before starting preparations for the next fight. Thus, Paddy became a self-proclaimed gourmet after touring fast-food restaurants across the United States, and often marked his gourmet endeavors on social media in which he particularly highlighted how much weight he had gained on his face.

Paddy on Twitter

After his last win at the press conference after the fight, he ate a whole pizza and went on a diet in which he ingested 11,000 calories on a daily basis.

Although he promised not to gain too much weight after the last victory, just two weeks after the victory he weighed almost 91 kilograms. Although he eventually manages to lose weight to the required weight, and in doing so "cuts" himself and gets plates on his stomach, he stated that he would rather be fat.

"I'd rather be fat and happy than ripped," said Pimblett. "These people who are ripped all year round aren't happy. I'm not arsed, I don't care what they say. This six-pack is sound and I look great, but I'd rather be fat and happy."