Taila Santos speaks about the match against Valentine

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Taila Santos speaks about the match against Valentine

Taila Santos thought the fight against Valentine Shevchenko would be more challenging than it really was. Let us remind you, that Taila had a lot of success in the wrestling aspect of the match, but the victory was taken by Valentina with a divided referee's decision.

“Actually, what surprised me was how easy it was. I expected that in some areas it would be a lot more difficult. But that’s what I wanted to show, that she’s not that monster, that invincible girl that other girls passed by,” Santos said to Combate.

“I was there with respect, she has been there for many years with the belt, so I prepared a lot, I went in ready to unveil her, to show that she is not that monster. I was even surprised because I thought it’s going to be hard to take her down, it’s going to be hard to impose my game, she’s a tough and smart girl, but in the end it was much easier than I imagined.

When I went to the grid I managed to take down super easily, I managed to get the back, keep dominating, that surprised me. I expected a little more difficulty and in the end it was easier”. Even though Santos lost the fight, he can certainly learn a lot from it.

She also said she believed she was heading for victory until a head-on collision occurred that closed her eye and obstructed her vision.

Santos is still recovering from the injury

Santos also broke her orbital bone and is still recovering from it, and once she returned to the Octagon, she said she was open to a rematch against Valentine.

“If I have to have another fight first, I will too. Now even better with this immense experience I had, much more mature in the head, in the physique, and having an idea of ​​what it’s like to fight five rounds. I just know that this belt will come, I’m circling it,” Santos concluded.