Paddy Pimblett gets a new UFC contract

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Paddy Pimblett gets a new UFC contract

One of the more popular UFC fighters, Paddy Pimblett, under his UFC contract in the first two fights was guaranteed to earn him just $ 12,000, while in case of victory he would get as much more. During his career in the Cage Warriors promotion, he was guaranteed far more money, but by winning a $ 50,000 bonus, he still managed to make up for it in the UFC.

“Twelve and 12,” Pimblett said. “No, yeah, 12 and 12, so 12 to show and 12 to win”. said after his first-round win over Kazula Vargas. His manager Boylan, who otherwise leads the Cage Warriors promotion, claims his fighter will make many times more money in his next fight against Jordan Leavitt next month in London.

Pimblett will probably be the biggest star there and will be paid accordingly, and he also has a seven-digit figure from his contract with the American network Barstool Sports. Boylan believes that it is normal for every fighter to start building a career gradually and get paid accordingly.

He's on big money now

“Everybody goes into the UFC on a standard contract,” Boylan told Mirror Fighting. “There’s no difference what you do, you have to go and prove yourself. I can categorically tell you now that contract’s gone, that’s gone - he’s on f—ing big money now.

It is what it is, but I’m just happy for him”. "I can categorically tell you now that contract's gone, that's gone - he's on big money now. It is what it is but I'm just happy for him."

Pimblett himself admitted that he should be paid much better if he would accept fights with more reputable opponents. This is, for example, what fans resent about him; hasn't had any quality opponents yet. Although that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that the UFC wants to slowly build it up and make a potential star out of it.