Aleksandar Rakic attacked by a UFC fighter after leaving the hall!

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Aleksandar Rakic attacked by a UFC fighter after leaving the hall!

After the UFC event in London, Aleksandar Rakic wanted to go to the hotel, but something happened that he did not expect. Rakic talked about all this in his video on Instagram: “Jimi Manuwa, you piece of sh*t,” Rakic said in a Twitter video, as quoted by mmajunkie.

“You son of a b*tch. What a p*ssy move you did last night on me. Guys, I would just let you know that after the event at UFC London, the security was escorting me to the transfer back to the hotel, and ‘Mr. Still Sleep’ was sitting in my row at the end of the row, so I needed to pass by.

And I pass by and he talked to me something – I didn’t really pay attention. I have nothing to do with that guy. For me, this is over. So I started to turn away and he sucker-punched me. And even in that close range he couldn’t catch my head.

I think he caught me with the forearm on my neck."

Aleksandar Rakic is furious

Security reacted on time. Rakic is still furious about this situation and did not mince words when he mentioned Manuwa. “The security was so fast here and they separated us.

Man, what a f*cking p*ssy move. You knew that I would be alone in London by myself. You know that I had surgery nine weeks ago and you did this. Man, you’re such a bad loser. I want the people to know what a piece of sh*t you are.

I’m going to stay in your head forever. I retired you, I knocked you out and the world saw that. So happy retirement, ‘Mr. Sleep.' ” Manuwa reacted soon after everything and sent a message to Rakic. “The fight is the fight. Talking sh*t online after the fight warrants a slap,” Manuwa said via text message.