Khamzat Chimaev on Nate Diaz: "we eat the gangsters for breakfast"

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Khamzat Chimaev on Nate Diaz: "we eat the gangsters for breakfast"

Khamzat Chimaev had a rather long media silence, at least when it comes to some more popular MMA media, after his victory over Gilbert Burns in the fourth month. Chechen has been somewhat reticent when it comes to interviews, but last week he was booked for a match against Nate Diaz and Chimaev decided to contact Ariel Helwani for an interview.

On September 10 we will watch the fight between Chimaev and Diaz, and it is the main fight of the evening at the UFC 279 event. It will be Diaz's last appearance for the UFC because with this fight he will be released from his current contract.

Although Diaz can't wait to leave the UFC, Chimaev is skeptical that Diaz will even show up for the fight. “I still don’t believe that guy’s going to come and show up,” Chimaev added. “That skinny boy.

We will see what’s happening. I’m just waiting for the 10th of September – it doesn’t matter who. If he wants to fight at 185lb, then we can do that... just show up. I can fight at 185 or 205lb, it doesn’t matter”.

explained Chimaev. A lot of criticism was directed at the UFC for arranging this match. There are many who believe that the UFC is sending Diaz "to the slaughterhouse" in order to further lower his value before leaving the promotion.

Diaz is a huge underdog against Chimaev, but Khamzat insists his approach will be the same, despite coming in as a heavy favorite against Diaz. "As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter at all. If they give me Kamara Usman, I will do the same thing.

It's irrelevant. This guy (Diaz) just fights and fights. He is still dangerous and will fight until the last second. I'm happy because he's going to fight me. He is one of the legends. Everyone says about him: 'gangster, gangster'

I'll show you who the real gangster is. As I said before, we are from Chechnya, we grew up in war and we eat gangsters for breakfast.' '

Nine-year age difference between Diaz and Chimaev

There is a nine-year age difference between Diaz and Chimaev, and Nate made his professional MMA debut back in 2004.

For comparison, Chimaev made his debut in 2018. It is clear how much more experienced Diaz is and how much longer he has been in the sport, and it is nice to see that "Borz" appreciates that fact. "When my manager told me it’s done, I said that’s perfect for us,” Chimaev continued.

“Make money, make good names, the guy’s going out. Nate said he doesn’t like me but I like that guy, I grew up on him. I was in school when he was fighting in the UFC. It’s amazing to fight that guy, and I like him because for me UFC when I was young, it was like the movies.

Now, I fight with the guys that I was watching." When it comes to the match between Diaz and Chimaev, it is believed that Khamzat will neutralize Nate with his wrestling and that he should control the fight from start to finish.

Nate is very hard to finish because he is an incredibly tough fighter, but of course, Khamzat believes he has the ability to finish him. "I am happy he's fighting with me, he is one of the legends. One of the people that everyone calls a gangster but we are going to show who is the gangster.

Like I said before we are from Chechnya… we grew up in the war. We eat the gangsters for breakfast," he said on The MMA Hour. explained Khamzat and added that he will finish Diaz in the first or second round.