Dana White responded to criticis of Chimaev vs Diaz fight

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Dana White responded to criticis of Chimaev vs Diaz fight

It seems that the criticism regarding the arranged match between Khamzat Chimaev and Nate Diaz has intensified in recent days. Chimaev admitted that he was doing that match for fun, Dan Hardy said that it was the UFC's "murder attempt", and Leon Edwards was also critical.

It is clear that many people see all the illogicality of that match and the UFC will be under even more fire if the predictions that Chimaev will demolish Nate Diaz come true. It will be Diaz's farewell match when it comes to the UFC, and although the promotion had many problems with him, Dana White points out that the UFC does not want to harm Diaz and that it is a good match.

"I care about Nate a lot," White said in his post-fight press conference after Tuesday’s Contender Series event. "I like Nate, and Nate came in here, long before that fight was ever made, and we were talking about it being his last fight, and I said, ‘Listen, kid.

You think about the wars that Nate Diaz has put on and the incredible fights and the big fights that he’s done with us, go do whatever you want to do, man." "But getting a fight done with him isn’t as easy as seems.

Everybody’s like, ‘Well, why don’t you make a fight?’ Well, he asked for Francis Ngannou. I could go on forever, but I won’t. We got it done. That’s the fight he wanted." For a long time, the UFC stopped Nate Diaz, who for months called for the arrangement of his last match, and calling out Francis Ngannou was actually a sarcasm of Nate Diaz, which showed that he absolutely does not care who he will fight with.

He was crying out for a match-fixing, and White is constantly entangled in his excuses. It was obvious that they were trying to change the mind of Nate Diaz, and some believe that the UFC leaders had hoped for the return of Conor McGregor and the conclusion of the trilogy.

Conor still not ready "Conor’s not ready yet,” White said. “Conor’s leg isn’t healed yet. Nate could obviously sit around and wait for that, but he doesn’t want it. I don’t know what he’s got planned or what he’s thinking, but right here, right now, he’s ready to fight.

He wants to go, and we’re going." "That’s one of those fights you can do any time, but no, it never worked out that way. Listen, if you get two guys like Conor and Nate, who want to fight each other bad enough, it ends up happening."

"No, it’s not like, ‘Oh God, I never got the chance to make No. 3,” he said. “The first two were awesome. That first round with Conor and Nate in the first fight was insane. Conor was landing these crazy bombs, then Diaz comes out in that second round.

It was madness, and then the second fight was awesome. If it happens, it happens, but we got enough out of the first two.' ' Although many criticize the match between Chimaev and Diaz that awaits us on September 10 (ninth month), Dana White claims that in the end everyone will still watch that match and will show great interest.

"We made it, and here we are,” he said. “And it’s a good fight. It’s a fight people want to see. It’s a fight that people will be interested in, so we’re going to do it.' ', the UFC president concluded.