Dana White compared Paddy Pimblett to McGregor: 'he’s got that Conor McGregor vibe'

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Dana White compared Paddy Pimblett to McGregor: 'he’s got that Conor McGregor vibe'

In the ninth month of last year, Paddy Pimblett made his UFC debut. "Baddy" came to the promotion as an already built fighter, and was built through the Cage Warriors promotion. However, his popularity was mostly limited to English fans, predominantly those from his hometown of Liverpool.

Paddy quickly began to present his charisma to the American audience and the hype around him grew as time went on. Pimblett didn't just talk, he also won. He achieved two victories in the first round in his first two appearances, followed by a fight against Jordan Leavitt.

The number of followers on social media has almost tripled since last week's London event, and Pimblett is rapidly moving towards the status of the UFC's biggest star. UFC president Dana White is also aware of this, and he compared Pimblett to the biggest "golden cock" of his promotion.

Conor McGregor vibe

"To talk about championship stuff now it’s a little too soon, but he’s got that Conor McGregor vibe,” White told MMA Junkie and other reporters post-fight at DWCS 47 on Tuesday.

“When he walks, when he’s in the arena, the way that the fans receive him, the way that the media covers him. The way that the people who search for content." UFC is building Paddy Pimblett well. They are gradually contracting more and more difficult opponents for him, but they are doing it very patiently.

It is clear that Pimblett cannot compete with the best fighters at the moment, and the UFC's lightweight division is full of top fighters. However, Paddy turned 27 at the beginning of 2022 and his "prime" is yet to come.

With quality matchmaking, the UFC can make him an even bigger star, and given that they are running out of mega-stars, there is no doubt that they will be very careful with Pimblett. After the victory over Leavitt, Paddy announced that we will see him again this year, and the assumption is that it will happen at the big PPV event that will take place in New York on the 11th.

"I think what we do next is we take him to either Boston or New York and he ends up on pay-per-view,” White said. “And then you bring him to Vegas."