Amanda Nunes explained why she is not popular in Brazil

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Amanda Nunes explained why she is not popular in Brazil

A very interesting rematch awaits us this weekend in the main event of UFC 277. At the end of last year, Julianna Pena shocked the world by pulling off one of the biggest surprises in UFC history. By "submission" in the second round, Pena defeated Amanda Nunes, a fighter who until then everyone saw as the best ever.

Many still consider her the best ever, because one defeat and one bad night cannot change all that she has achieved in the past years. Despite the fact that Nunes held the bantamweight title for almost five and a half years and that she won the UFC belt in the featherweight division, she still does not enjoy much support from the domestic Brazilian fans.

Brazilians simply do not look at Nunes like some other legends born in that country, and Nunes tried to explain why that is for the Trocacao Franca podcast. “I think it’s because I live here [in the United States], and my career really started here in the UFC and in big promotions like Strikeforce,” Nunes said on Trocação Franca.

“I had to leave Brazil, otherwise I would have stopped fighting already. You know how it goes, sponsorships and everything in Brazil. “When the opportunity came and doors opened for me, I went in, and thank God I became who I am.

Maybe [Brazilians] like more those who stay in Brazil, I don’t know. Maybe they don’t like me — really, what can I do?”

Nunes vs Pena

Nunes is still the UFC featherweight champion, and with a win against Pena in the early hours of Sunday, she would once again become the two-weight champion.

34-year-old Amanda is enjoying her life despite the lack of support from the Brazilian fans and can't complain about anything. “That doesn’t even cross my mind today,” Nunes said. “I swear, that’s something I forgot already.

My biggest pleasure is to step in that cage and do my job. My life is good, financially speaking, and I do what I do for my family, and that’s what matters the most to me. [Nina Nunes and I] are living such a wonderful moment in our lives now with [our daughter] Reagan — life has changed so much.

Lots of love and peace. She brought so much happiness for us. “And that, man, I swear, about popularity [in Brazil] — many people say we need to be popular to have sponsors and all. I don’t have that popularity in Brazil, but I’m very well-known out here in the United States.

All my sponsors are from here and Europe. I have a great life, [am] financially stable with my sponsors, and that’s it, man. I never had any opportunity with a Brazilian company until this day. So, to me, my life here is better.

“People give me love when I go to my hometown, talk to me and take pictures. We really feel that love. Maybe [I don’t have that] on social media, but when I go to Brazil, people recognize me. [But] my life is here.

I make money with anything I do here. Anything. If I travel, if I’m invited to go somewhere, I’m always getting paid. If I go to a restaurant or a bar, if I make an appearance in a party – nobody invites me to go to a place for free”.