Sean O'Malley doesn't want a manager: I do all my own deals and s*** gets done right

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Sean O'Malley doesn't want a manager: I do all my own deals and s*** gets done right

Sean O'Malley is a great UFC fighter who is gaining more and more popularity. What is interesting is that Sean O'Malley does not have a manager. “I am my management,” O’Malley said for the MMA Hour.

“Solo dolo. No middleman, no one taking a random percentage for being a middleman. I do all my own deals and s*** gets done right”. Sean O'Malley believes that managers just want to take advantage of their clients and take money they don't deserve.

“Say UFC gets a sponsorship deal, and whoever handles that at the UFC, they’re like, ‘The UFC wants Sean O’Malley, I’m going to go to his management,’ and then their management takes 20 percent, 15 percent, whatever, just to tell me about the deal,” O’Malley said.

“Not to do anything, just to say, ‘Hey, the UFC called, you want this deal?’ Sure. It’s the same thing with fight money too. You want 15 percent of my money because you did what? No, that ain’t happening.

Oh, you want some of the bonus too? That ain’t happening.

Contract details

O'Malley wants to be included in the whole contract story before the fight. Most people don't want to bother with that, but he has a completely different way of thinking.

“I personally enjoy doing all the business side of things. There are some fighters who are probably like, ‘F*** that, I don’t even want to look at that stuff. You take care of it and I’ll give you the percentage.’ There’s people like that.

Cool. I like to be a part of my deal. I like to be directly in communication with all my brand deals, the UFC specifically, everyone. I don’t want any miscommunication. That always seems to happen when there’s an extra voice in the middle and it’s just not necessary, at least for me.

He does not want the money to go to several parts. “I don’t want to talk for everyone,” O’Malley continued, “but it’s nice getting that check and it’s not — you [don’t] have to write your 15 percent.

I pay the coaches, I pay [my people]. I don’t want to have to write a check to a management team for really not doing much”.