Dan Hardy reveals the differences between Conor McGregor and Paddy Pimblett

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Dan Hardy reveals the differences between Conor McGregor and Paddy Pimblett

Paddy Pimblett is becoming a big star in the UFC and has attracted the attention of the public with his behavior. Dan Hardy talked about the Conor McGregor-Paddy Pimblett differences and similarities. “I think they’re in different places, and it’s difficult to compare the two of them,” Hardy said for The MMA Hour.

“But you could certainly see it building to a superfight at some point, just not anywhere near it right now. Conor’s up near the top of the top of the division, Paddy’s got to build himself into that position.

“I would hope Paddy’s focus is on the belt, as opposed to the superfights right now, because he’s in a very strong position where he could become something way more than Conor McGregor. I know that’s a difficult thing for us to imagine, but we couldn’t imagine Conor McGregor before he stepped out of Cage Warriors”.

Dan Hardy compares McGregor-Pimblett

Hardy believes that Pimblett will have attention in the long run, given that his behavior is very different from McGregor's. “Especially because people’s brands change and shift,” Hardy said.

“Conor’s not the same. He’s not as easy to gravitate toward as he used to be in the beginnings of his career. It’s much more easy to relate to people when they’ve stepped off the streets and they’re going through hard times.

Now, he’s living on yachts and stuff. “I think he’s quite estranged from his fan base, and I think people will tune in due to the fact that he’s an entertainer. But I think people will follow Paddy to a much longer degree than they have done Conor, because I don’t think Paddy’s going to fall off in the same way that Conor did and find himself in handcuffs”. Pimblett is already making his way to the very top of this organization.