Molly McCann: “I am not a hype train, and neither is he (Pimblett)"

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Molly McCann: “I am not a hype train, and neither is he (Pimblett)"

Now we can say with certainty that Paddy Pimblett and his friend Molly McCann are slowly turning into MMA stars of the new generation. When something like this starts happening in MMA circles, the fighters who are affected by it are often called 'hype trains', which especially bothered Molly.

Molly and Paddy brought the London audience to their feet several times, first Molly when she knocked out her opponent with an attractive elbow from a turn, followed by Paddy who also finished his opponent with a 'submission', and then he gave an emotional speech about the mental health of men, which earned him great sympathy.

“I am not a hype train, and neither is he (Pimblett)

However, it is not to be blamed for the fans who think that they are the 'hype train' Most fighters who experienced great success in a short time carried this stigma for a while, and this is exactly what Molly spoke about: “I am not a hype train, and neither is he (Pimblett),” McCann said at the UFC London post-fight press conference.

“We’re from hard-working cities, blue collar, working class, woke up every day since we’ve ever been alive to chase this dream from where we are from. We will fight anywhere, any place, any time, whoever f*cking wants it.

“You thought we were hype trains — every single person who weren’t us tonight done f*ck all. What did we do? Every single person stood there for us, sang for us, and we got two finishes,” McCann added.

“It’s facts. What did we do tonight? Dana, what did we do, lad?” Paddy agreed with her and said that he has been called the 'hype train' since he was eighteen. Also, he said that in London they provided two fights and two endings and that these are acts that speak for themselves.

“The word ‘hype train’ does my head in, lad. Proper burns my cap out,” Pimblett said. “That hype train one does my head in. People have been calling me a hype train since I was 18, 19, lad, in Cage Warriors. Keep calling me a hype train all you want, lad”.