It's official! Israel Adesanya and Pereira will finally fight for UFC 281

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It's official! Israel Adesanya and Pereira will finally fight for UFC 281

Official confirmation came tonight from the UFC: Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira will headline the UFC 281 event, which takes place on November 12 (the eleventh month) in Madison Square Garden. Adesanya first hinted and the UFC confirmed just a few hours later.

This will be the third match between two excellent kickboxers, but the first in MMA. Twice already Pereira beat Adesanya in kickboxing, and once he knocked him out hard. The first match was in 2016, and the second, in which Adesanya was knocked out, was in 2017.

Madison Square Garden

Posting on Twitter not long after the UFC’s announcement, Adesanya shared a picture of the pair and wrote: “Vengeance is mine says the lord”. “Brooooo, I said the same thing too!!

This ends here. Kill or be killed,” he added. Adesanya celebrated his last appearance against Jared Cannonier. He won by a unanimous decision of the judges, and after that performance, he was only criticized for being 'boring'

Although such a style may not be attractive, it clearly works because so far no challenger has found an answer to it. At the same event, UFC 276, Alex Pereira also performed. Then he knocked out Sean Strickland in the first round, and that was only his third match in the UFC.

After going through the ranked fighter so easily, it was clear to Adesanya himself that he was the next challenger and he himself called him out after the fight. Then he used an infamous reference from the cartoon and told him that he would "freeze him like Elsa", which is why the fighters still tease him on Twitter to this day.

Pereira said that it “really” upset him “to see the way he [Adesanya] fought tonight”. “A performance like that is a disrespect to the crowd,” Pereira went on through a translator. “I saw thousands and thousands of people here, I couldn’t even count how many, and it’s sad to see people booing like that during a title fight.

“People were leaving in round four like the fight was over. It really upsets me,” Pereira concluded. The location is Madison Square Garden, the date is 11/12. We have nothing left but to wait and predict the outcome of this fight, which will surely attract a large audience due to the rivalry between the fighters.