Julianna Pena seeks trilogy against Amanda Nunes


Julianna Pena seeks trilogy against Amanda Nunes
Julianna Pena seeks trilogy against Amanda Nunes

Although at the UFC 277 event, Julianna Pena lost the title after five rounds of absolute dominance by Amanda Nunes, she pointed out that she wanted a new fight just a week after she suffered severe injuries and was completely dominated.

“I’m ready to go round 8 right now,” Peña said during the UFC Vegas 59 post-fight show. “Like let’s freaking go. I’m here. Where you at, Amanda? “Amanda, seriously, where are you at? You left your girl hanging out there.

I showed up for Team Peña. She didn’t show up for Team Nunes. I’m here, I’m ready to go round 8”.

Pena ready for trilogy

Also, she said that she thinks that the story between the two is nowhere near the end: “When somebody has entirely revamped and completely switched their entire stance and their entire fighting style because of me? I take that as a compliment,” Peña said about Nunes after their rematch.

“I think if you give me time to get ready for both stances of Amanda, she doesn’t touch me next time”. If Peña gets her way, she’ll draw Nunes before 2022 concludes, which means the fighters will step back in the cage against each other within the next four months.

“I’m just really, really hoping that she heals up and she’s able to get back in there before the end of the year,” Peña said. “Because I’ll absolutely be ready for that trilogy fight”.

By the way, Julianna appeared at the final of "TUF" where her team received both awards. One was won by Mohammed Usman and the other by Juliana Miller. Amanda didn't show up, hence the comment about leaving a team member stranded.

It is not known how realistic it is that we will see the third match between these fighters. Last Saturday, Amanda showed everything she needed and proved why she is a two-time champion. There are more and more rumors about the third match against Valentina Shevchenko, but nothing is official yet.

Amanda Nunes

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