Charles Oliveira: "My dad called me, desperate, crying like a child. And I was like."

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Charles Oliveira: "My dad called me, desperate, crying like a child. And I was like."

In a very bizarre way, Charles Oliveira lost his UFC lightweight title in the fifth month of this year. Half a pound (0.227 kg) overweight, Oliveira stepped on the scales the day before his match against Justin Gaethje, and even on the second attempt he did not lose that weight and the UFC stripped him of his title.

Gaethje would have become the new lightweight champion if he won, but Oliveira finished him with a "submission" already in the first round and thus the UFC lightweight division was left without a champion. Oliveira scored a big win, but he didn't get the belt and he returned home as the UFC's first lightweight challenger.

So, despite the victory, he was demoted in the category order. It was amazing how Oliveira handled himself mentally in such a situation and managed to literally go through Gaethje despite all the stress he experienced the day before.

Not only was Oliveira shaken by this situation, but so was his family. Namely, in an interview with the Podpah podcast, the Brazilian revealed how his father dealt with the news.

"my dad was just crying"

“Man, my dad called me, desperate — crying like a child.

And I was like, ‘Calm down, don’t worry, we’ll fix this,’ and such. But my dad was just crying,” Oliveira revealed during a recent appearance on the Podpah podcast. On October 22 (the tenth month), Oliveira will have the opportunity to reclaim the belt.

In Abu Dhabi, he will fight Islam Makhachev for the UFC lightweight title. “The belt is already mine,” Oliveira said in a separate interview with Sports Illustrated. “To me, this is another title defense… I made weight, I’m sure I made weight.

I feel like I was robbed. It was really hard – I heard my dad crying, my daughter was questioning why I lost the belt. It was very upsetting, it went against all the dedication I put into this. But the most important part was that I showed my championship mentality. Even after all that happened, I pulled through and still put on a show for everyone”.