Daniel Cormier believes camp training won't help Tony Ferguson to be better

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Daniel Cormier believes camp training won't help Tony Ferguson to be better
Daniel Cormier believes camp training won't help Tony Ferguson to be better

Tony Ferguson is actively looking for a new team and training camp for the next performance. The once best UFC lightweight fighter is currently on a streak of four consecutive losses, and he decided to find a change by joining one of the renowned MMA gyms.

JacksonWink in Albuquerque is his current residence. It is the gym that built Jon Jones into one of the greatest fighters ever, and many famous names such as Carlos Condit, Andrei Arlovski, etc. trained there. Coach Brandon Gibson shared a photo with Tony Ferguson on Instagram a few days ago.

"It’s great to have @tonyfergusonxt in town. Ankle picks, elbows and just a great flow. I’m excited we finally get to collaborate, and I was amazed with how much time and energy he gave to the young fighters at @jacksonwink_mma.

🌊 🌊 🌊'' Gibson wrote on his Instagram profile.

"his time has passed"

Although it is commendable that Ferguson decided to make changes and recognizes that something needs to be changed, Daniel Cormier believes that these are moves that will not result in any success.

“Man, this is a bit of a tough one, right? Because I tap in on him chasing down that past greatness,” Cormier said (via MMA Junkie). “I just don’t know if there’s any more of that. I just believe that we all have time.

We all have a time, and I believe that time’s gone. I don’t believe that much is going to change for Tony Ferguson with the camp change. I just believe that his time has passed, and no camp change is going to change that”.

The 38-year-old Ferguson really hasn't been performing well over the past few days. However, he fought top opponents. One or two good wins against slightly easier opponents could restore his confidence, and "El Cucuy" would then be ready to try again with the best.

Of course, everything depends on him, and whether an adequate training camp will bring his career back to winning ways, we will find out when he returns to the cage.

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