Dana White addresses the UFC and Nate Diaz parting ways

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Dana White addresses the UFC and Nate Diaz parting ways

For a long time, Nate Diaz has been arranging his final UFC performance. Nate called out a handful of different fighters from the lightweight and welterweight divisions, and almost every fighter who was called out agreed to the match.

The UFC has been stalling for a long time because they were hoping that Nate Diaz would change his mind and sign a new contract. Namely, Diaz has one match left under his current contract with the UFC and after that, he is a free fighter on the market.

UFC matchmakers finally decided to pair Nate with Khamzat Chimaev. Many see this pairing as a kind of "survival" of the UFC over a fighter who wants to leave because Chimaev is a huge favorite in that fight. However, like Chimaev, Diaz is a professional fighter and should not be written off in advance.

When it comes to Nate's departure from the UFC, it seems that Dana White has finally accepted that it will definitely happen. In a press conference following last night's DWCS event,

White addressed the UFC and Diaz parting ways.

"This kid came in on 'The Ultimate Fighter,'" White told MMA Underground.

"He's fought incredible wars for us, and, you know, he's been a big part of this company for a very long time–and what more could I ask of Nate Diaz? You know, if Nate's ready to make this his last fight, I wish him all the best in the world."

"It's been fun," White said. "It's really been fun dealing with those two. At certain times, it was whatever, but looking back, the Diaz brothers have been an absolute blast. They're legends in this sport.

They're legends in this company, and these days come with all the guys, and if that's what Nate wants, then we wish him the best." It's hard to say if Diaz feels that Dana "wishes him the best", but it's nice that the UFC president said goodbye to a fighter who truly left a big mark within the UFC.