(VIDEO) Paddy Pimblett forces 10 top marines to tap out in training


(VIDEO) Paddy Pimblett forces 10 top marines to tap out in training
(VIDEO) Paddy Pimblett forces 10 top marines to tap out in training

In addition to very good performances inside the UFC cage, but also in front of media representatives, Paddy Pimblett also runs a very interesting YouTube channel. Video at the end of the page. "Baddy" is aware that fighters nowadays have to build their "brand" and promote themselves in different ways.

The charismatic fighter from Liverpool does this, among other things, through interesting videos, and fans can get to know him even better through such videos. In the latest video on his YouTube channel, Paddy posted footage of a training session he did with the US Marines.

Pimblett did the physical and conditioning part of the training of this elite unit and tired himself out. However, when it came time for martial arts, specifically grappling, the professional UFC fighter expectedly explained some things to them.

First, he taught them technique, then it was time for sparring. The challenge was to defeat 10 marines in a row, and Pimblett managed to get all ten to surrender. As he got closer to number 10, "Baddy" was visibly getting more and more exhausted, which is to be expected considering that this is a fighter who is known for drastically falling out of shape while not in training camp.

Despite not being at the peak of his physical fitness, Pimblett still showed that professional fighters are a whole other level of skill even for members of the elite units.

Paddy vs. 10 marines

It is important to point out that Paddy did not come solely to defeat the 10 marines and show them how superior he is to them.

Immediately after sparring, Pimblett sat down in front of the assembled Marines and answered their questions. The topic of mental health is one of Pimblett's favorites of late and Paddy is working hard to raise awareness of the issue that many people around the world are struggling with.

"My friends, my family, my teammates, my fiancee - all the people closest to me. I've said it plenty of times, without them I don't know if I'd still be here now, I've had some dark times myself and I have questioned a lot of things in my own head, whether I'd do this or do that and I wouldn't be here now if it wasn't for those close to me.

"You know that saying 'get it off your chest'? It's real. I was at the end of 2018 and I got in a proper bad place, waking up crying every morning. The missus would get up and go to work and I'd normally just roll over and go asleep, I was rolling over and just crying for like an hour every day, I had to get over that and to get through it I had to speak to people.

"That 'get it off your chest' saying is the most real thing in the world because as soon as I spoke to one of my mates and then I went to speak to someone else, my coach, my missus, the next morning I woke up and I didn't cry.

The next morning I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders." Paddy Pimblett as a professional fighter who performs under the auspices of the world's strongest organization can certainly give some good advice to those who want to become fighters.

One of the Marines asked Pimblett what specific advice he would give to young people who aspire to a martial arts career.

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