Georges St-Pierre speaks on Khamzat Chimaev's weight miss: It’s hard to forgive

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Georges St-Pierre speaks on Khamzat Chimaev's weight miss: It’s hard to forgive

Last week, on the eve of the UFC 279 event, Khamzat Chimaev confirmed his identity as a 'villain' by dropping almost 3.5 kilograms at the official weigh-in. Many of his fans, as well as fellow fighters, resented it, but the impression is that his reaction at the weigh-in itself is what angered them all.

The legendary GSP said some time ago that Khamzat is certainly a future champion and that he has "that something" that he needs to sit at the very top and remain dominant there for a long time. However, after last week's incident, GSP "reduced the experience" a bit and said that it was hard to forget.

“He needs to make weight,” St-Pierre told The Schmo. “When you miss weight it’s a big disrespect not only to your opponent but to the sport. But we don’t know what happened. Maybe there’s a reason, maybe there’s a medical reason or something, so when you don’t know, you don’t know.

But for sure, in the future, if he misses weight another time, maybe that will prevent him from having a title shot. “Maybe give him the chance to go back at 170 if he wants to, but he can’t miss weight. Missing weight, it’s hard to forgive.

As a fan, I would like to see Kamaru Usman get revenge [for the next title fight] because if anyone deserves it, it’s him. Maybe perhaps Chimaev has a shot against the winner of this fight [with Leon Edwards]”.

GSP on Nick Diaz

“I’m very happy for him,” St-Pierre said of Diaz.

“He came out on top, beautiful. Whatever he does next, it’s up to him. But he’s got the power to choose what he wants to do and he’s gonna be paid accordingly. You need to be smart in this business and what I’m saying to the young fighters, it’s that you should retire from the sport, not let the sport retire you”.

According to what Khamzat's coach said, they intend to do the next few fights in the middleweight category. However, time will show how much truth there is in this and whether Chimaev is truly finished with the welterweight category due to difficulties with losing weight.