Georges St-Pierre reveals two fighters he wanted to fight before retirement from UFC

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Georges St-Pierre reveals two fighters he wanted to fight before retirement from UFC

The legendary GSP ended his career in the best possible style. In 2017, in his last match, he challenged the then middleweight champion, Michael Bisping, and thus left the sport as a two-time UFC champion. However, since he retired, there has been an almost daily debate about how GSP would fare against this fighter, and how he would fare against that fighter.

Also, he is a frequent actor in arranging numerous 'dream match-ups' and he was often invited to come out of retirement and face Khabib while the latter was still active. This is exactly what Georges himself spoke about yesterday, and his statement was reported by the MMA Junkie portal: "I always wanted to be known as the best and be the best, and there are two fights that never materialized that could have been made.

But for certain reasons did not materialize. The first one was against Anderson Silva, and the other one was against Khabib, but for certain reasons, it did not happen,” said GSP. “When you’re a fighter, you need the two fighters and the promoter to make a fight happened.

Even if the two fighters want, but the promoter doesn’t make it happen, it’s not going to happen. Each fighter brings their terms that they want, then they negotiate, and then it’s up to the promoter to make that happen.

It did not happen for these two guys,” he said. Georges concluded.

St-Pierre is open to a grappling match with “The Eagle”.

“Maybe one day I will do a grappling match, and if it’s for a good cause and it’s well organized, you never know,” St-Pierre said.

“Every time I say something like this, people get excited and rumors start. But the truth is that we’re retired, and I’m good where I am, and I’m sure he’s good where he is. And if these fights did not happen, it’s because my side – we had requests, we had conditions and terms that if they would accept the terms, we would be ready to step in and make the fight.

But they didn’t reach those terms. “Fights are made also because of the fans, because of the two guys, the promoter – but also, timing has a lot to do with it. … Anderson Silva and I, and Khabib and I, it’s always a question of timing.

If you make this fight today, it’s not going to be the same because we lost the timing”. Since we will never see these fights, we can only fantasize about what it would look like. But despite this, all three will be remembered as the cream of the MMA sport.