Joe Rogan reveals what would cause him to end his contract with UFC

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Joe Rogan reveals what would cause him to end his contract with UFC

If we exclude the fighters, the two probably most recognizable faces, or rather trademarks of the UFC are certainly Dana White and Joe Rogan. White is the longtime president of the UFC, while Joe Rogan is certainly the most famous commentator name when it comes to the UFC.

Back in 1997, Rogan made his first engagement under the auspices of the UFC, and then he performed the role of a person who conducts interviews with fighters "backstage" (something that Megan Olivi and Laura Sanko most often do today).

Rogan made his commentary debut in the sixth month of 2002 at the UFC 37.5 event. So, Rogan has been in the UFC for more than 25 years, and for 20 years he has been working as a commentator. In the last few years, it has been noticed that Rogan has been participating in fewer and fewer events, and the UFC has replaced him with a set of new commentators, mostly former fighters.

However, Joe continues to appear at major PPV events, and as part of his podcast, he revealed in which case he would leave the UFC entirely.

Joe Rogan's contract

“If Dana leaves, I’m gone. That’s in my contract,” Rogan explained on a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,”.

So far, there are no indications that Dana White will leave the UFC, although Hunter Campbell is increasingly taking over his former duties and is slowly emerging as the most likely candidate to succeed Dana White. Love Dana or not, the UFC won't be the same one day when he leaves them, and the fact that Joe Rogan will leave with him means that the UFC will experience a huge double loss.

All things come to an end, so Rogan and White will too. Joe certainly has his podcast "The Joe Rogan Experience", which is reputed to be one of the most popular and watched podcasts in the world, and many will surely follow him there for many years to come.