Michael Chandler says Dustin Poirier is taking their fight too personal

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Michael Chandler says Dustin Poirier is taking their fight too personal

How happy the UFC made all its fans the moment they confirmed the match between Michael Chandler and Dustin Poirier. Two fighters who are among the most exciting on the entire roster will face each other on November 12 (the 11th month) as part of the UFC 281 event.

The basis for this match was created at the beginning of the seventh month, during the UFC 276 event. Chandler and Poirier got into a verbal altercation and had to be separated to prevent the confrontation from accidentally escalating into a physical confrontation.

“I walked down there with my beautiful wife who’s here with me in London. We had our seats and we were walking over there and the security guards came over there and basically said something to the effect of ‘Hey, he’s not going to sit over there.’ And I thought ok that’s interesting”.

“And we walked over. All of a sudden I heard some chirping. Some very vile venom being spit in my direction. Didn’t know if that was being thrown at me or not. I look over and Dustin Poirier is pointing at me so he obviously had a bone to pick with me that night”.

Dustin was the one who initiated the conflict

Jiri Prochazka, who was next to Poirier, also confirmed that Dustin was the one who initiated the conflict, and this gives the impression that Poirier has something personal against Michael Chandler.

He will have the opportunity to resolve all disagreements in New York on November 11, but Michael Chandler points out that there are no conflicts on a personal level on his side, but while guesting on the MMA Hour last week, he pointed out that he cannot say the same about Dustin Poirier.

and then explained that tensions towards opponents on a personal level are not a good idea. “I think that’s where this whole Dustin stuff happened,” Chandler said. “Basically, I was very respectful and nice to him, which I meant every word, and once we both got in the same organization, tensions started rising and [he thought], ‘I don’t know if I like that guy as much as I did, because now, he’s a competitor of mine.’” “People want it to be personal.

He and I will, as we always do, go out there and bite down on our mouthpieces and get into a hard-fought scrap, and it will be entertaining, and like Dustin said, somebody’s most likely getting sparked out. So we’ll see what happens”.

During his guest appearance on the MMA Hour, Chandler also pointed out how crazy it is to favor Islam Makhachev in the match against Charles Oliveira, and you can watch his complete guest appearance with Ariel Helwani in the video at the bottom of the text.