Joe Rogan compares Francis Ngannou to Wilder: He might be the hardest hitter on earth

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Joe Rogan compares Francis Ngannou to Wilder: He might be the hardest hitter on earth

Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou is still not coming out with specific information about when we could see him in the cage again, and he last fought in the first month of this year when he defeated Criyl Gane after five hard rounds and defended the heavyweight championship belt.

Injuries caused such a long break, but it's no secret that he is by no means on good terms with his employers. Their relationship, of course, deteriorated when Francis started talking publicly about fighters' salaries, and Dana White himself refused to put the belt on him after his last victory, leaving that privilege to Mick Maynard.

On top of all that, Francis often talked about boxing, that is, that he would definitely go to box against Tyson Fury as soon as his contract with the UFC expired, and both of them agreed to it. Although many are wondering how Francis would fare against elite boxers, Joe Rogan gave one possible answer: "Francis Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight champion.

He's a super athlete. When he was a child, he had to work in the sand mines. It's crazy, he's such a f**king freak athlete. He's 270 [pounds] natural. And hits harder than anybody. He holds the record for the hardest punch ever on this machine.

He might be the hardest hitter on earth." said Rogan.

He also touched on boxing:

"If you think about guys like Deontay Wilder, who's arguably the greatest heavyweight knockout artist ever, Deontay Wilder at one point of time, I think his record was roughly about 39-0 with I think, 38 knockouts.

So if a guy like that exists, then a guy like Francis just went right into boxing, no MMA ever. Doesn't have to learn how to kick, just has to learn head movement, learn how to put punches on people. 270 natural! Insane power!" concluded Rogan.

Back in 2019 Rogan touched on how Ngannou would fare as a boxer

“Mark my words, if Francis Ngannou decides to jump ship and go to heavyweight boxing, he will nuke some fools. It’s going to take a long time to get to Wilder’s level,” he added when countered by his guest Brendan Schaub.

“Wilder’s a world champ. He’s undefeated. Francis Ngannou’s not ready to box with Wilder right now, but let me tell you something… he might connect. Wilder’s not the slickest guy in the world. We’re not talking about Muhammad Ali or Floyd Mayweather… He most gets by on power and range”.