Anthony Smith reveals health complications that followed after leg surgery

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Anthony Smith reveals health complications that followed after leg surgery

In the fight earlier this year, Anthony Smith lost by technical knockout in the second round to the excellent Magomed Ankalaev, but in addition to the defeat, he faced a difficult health situation caused by complications after leg surgery.

At the UFC 277 event, in addition to the defeat, Smith also suffered a leg injury, which had to be surgically repaired due to its severity. In 'Believe You Me', which he hosts with Michael Bisping, he talked about the health problem that kept him away from training and fighting for a long time: “To be honest with you, I’m kind of a mess right now,” Smith said.

“The ankle itself and the leg is healing up nicely so I’ve been off of crutches for about a week now. So I’ve been on my own two feet for about a week. Started physical therapy yesterday. It’s always a struggle when you’re not used to using it and my balance is off and it’s not as strong.

Just that same old battle. “I don’t even know if I’ve mentioned it too much but the night before I went to Paris [for UFC Paris], I had a weird allergic reaction to some meds. It was pretty hairy there for a little while.

It was a really bad anaphylactic reaction. I was losing my airway, I couldn’t swallow. I was having a tough time breathing. Kind of barely got to the hospital in time before things got too rough. Then after I got back from Paris, they found a blood clot in my leg.

So I’ve been battling this blood clot for a while”.

Smith admits he was oblivious to the severity surrounding blood clots

“When I got back from Paris, I had a lot of pain in my leg but not where the injury was,” Smith explained.

“So my wife is a nurse and she’s like ‘you’ve got a blood clot’ and I’m like no, you’re godd*** crazy. Not a chance. I’m young, I’m healthy, I’m active. No way. But apparently that has nothing to do with it.

So they go in and they find it and they’re like you’re good to go home. I remember thinking that was weird the way they said that like ‘you’re good to go home.’ As if some reason, I wouldn’t have been.

“So I go home and I jump in my vehicle and it’s already hooked up to my trailer and I just dip. I went to Wyoming. Went and rode my Razors up in the mountains and probably a quarter of the way there the doctor calls me ‘we need to get you back in the hospital, we’re going to do this, this and this.’ I’m like I’m not even close, what are you talking about? They’re like where are you? I tell them I’m on my way to Wyoming and they flipped out.

They only let me leave because they thought I was going home, not leaving the state”. He also said that he intended to fight in the first month, but because of the clot, he will not be able to, but will wait until it is resolved. We hope that everything will go well and that Smith will recover and that we will see him in the cage again.