DC stated that Julianna Pena does not deserve to face Nunes in a trilogy

Cormier really comes across as a hypocrite with these statements

by Faruk Imamovic
DC stated that Julianna Pena does not deserve to face Nunes in a trilogy

In the twelfth month of last year, Julianna Pena shocked the world and "submitted" Amanda Nunes, who until that moment everyone thought she had no competition. However, in the seventh month of this year, Amanda completely destroyed and dominated Pena in the rematch and returned the belt to her possession.

Of course, immediately after the match, Pena started calling for a trilogy because now they are truly 1-1. She referred to what Amanda did in the first match, but Daniel Cormier said in the "DC & RC" podcast that this is not the reason she should get a rematch: “The work hasn’t warranted an immediate rematch,” Cormier said on his “DC & RC” ESPN show.

“Because if not, then every champion that loses gets an immediate rematch. It’s not like that. It just doesn’t work that way. Amanda got an immediate rematch, because she’s Amanda Nunes. Jose Aldo didn’t get an immediate rematch (against Conor McGregor), and he was the longest-reigning featherweight champion of all time.

“Sometimes you’ve got to move on to get back. I think Julianna’s in that position. I don’t know if the work that she’s put on paper warrants (it). Just because she survived in the last match, I think she might have lost every single round of that fight”.

Cormier thinks there are a few fresh matchups out there

“Who’s to say that if she (Nunes) fights Ketlen Vieira, who has put together a nice win streak, has beaten two former champions, how do we know that that doesn’t play out in that way?” Cormier said.

“We had no idea that the gal (Talia Santos) was gonna fight Valentina Shevchenko in the way that she did. We didn’t. So it’s like, you’ve got to give it to the next (person). I just don’t think the work that she’s put on paper warrants an immediate rematch”.

Of course, Pena didn't like that probably because it was coming from Cormier's mouth. We remind you that he was in the same situation with Miocic and he asked for a third match anyway, which he immediately got. "Yeah let’s talk about this @dc_mma!

Tell me why you got your trilogy with @stipemiocic right after he TKO you in the rematch ?!" tweeted Pena.

Neither Amanda nor Julianna currently have a match scheduled, so a trilogy is not ruled out either. After the last match, they withdrew from the public and sometimes there is some isolated statement, but we believe that this will change when someone wins an opponent.