Conor McGregor answered a fan's question about his return to the cage


Conor McGregor answered a fan's question about his return to the cage
Conor McGregor answered a fan's question about his return to the cage

It's like every week we just keep counting how long it's been since Conor McGregor's last performance. The biggest MMA star stepped into the cage for the last time on 7/10/2021. years. The match against Dustin Poirier lasted five minutes, and after the first round, there was a break.

Conor broke his leg at the end of the round and there was no way he could continue the fight. It was amazing how McGregor handled such a broken leg. The Irishman had the strength to threaten Dustin Poirier, and not long after the surgery, Conor began announcing an epic comeback.

It was clear to all of us that the recovery would take at least a year, but now we are already at the stage where we expected to have some more concrete news, maybe even a date for Conor's return. At the moment, however, there are no indications when "Notorious" could return, and one of his followers on Twitter tried to get more specific information.

"When are you going to fight again? You and Jon Jones are starting to drive me crazy,'' wrote a follower of the username ``idywoodshaun,'' and McGregor responded in his own style.

"Whenever I want."

Currently, McGregor is preparing to make his Hollywood debut in the remake of the 1980s classic Road House, along with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Even though the former UFC double champion has been updating fans with pictures and videos of his training, there hasn't been an official announcement about when he will be returning. From the very beginning of his UFC career, McGregor likes the role of the person who "controls everything" and puts himself above everyone.

However, when it comes to his return, the reality is that he will truly return when he wants to. Will he ever want to come back, that's the real question at this point. It is hard to imagine that he can still find the motivation for a tough training camp and an attack on the very top, but maybe he will pleasantly surprise us.

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