Alexander Volkanovski: "Israel Adesanya is excited about Pereira"

The coach was also asked about tactics, but of course he did not want to reveal anything

by Faruk Imamovic
Alexander Volkanovski: "Israel Adesanya is excited about Pereira"

Less than a month is left until the UFC 281 event, which will be headlined by old rivals Israel Adesany and Alex Pereira. As a reminder, Pereira already has two victories in kickboxing over the middleweight champion, so Adesanya will now finally seek his long-desired revenge.

Although the champion has been criticized in the last few occasions for being unattractive, what really matters is victory. However, this time Israel could also look for a final due to the already mentioned two defeats against Pereira, but it is certainly not an easy task for him.

The champion of the featherweight category and his teammate, Alexander Volkanovski, spoke about the preparations, the camp and Adesanya's "mindset": "I haven't seen, but I've been talking to the boys. He's always one. But I mean he's on.

I think there's definitely some fire there. He's very excited for this one, which is obviously giving him this whole new hunger. I think the hunger's always there, the work was always put in there but now it's not just doing the work.

You know, it's 'While I'm doing the work, making sure I perform, making sure I'm sticking to my guns' There is that little bit of a more fire there."

Eugene Bareman gives credit to Volkanovski

The head coach of the City Kickboxing gym, Eugene Bareman said that teammates like Volkanovski are a great inspiration for Israel, and he also talked about the tactics against Pereira, although he did not reveal much: "You know when it comes to choosing a strategy, and different tactics, there's no right or wrong.

There's just if it works, yeah? Ultimately that's the decider. We have the way that we approach things, and other teams have the way that they approach things. And man, I'm a big fan of studying what other teams do, and what other coaches do.

And for sure, a lot of what we do is 100% plagiarized from other teams and other coaches." Adesanya and Pereira will fight at the UFC 281 event on November 12 (the eleventh month), and the location is Madison Square Garden in New York.

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