Michael Chandler praises Dana White: ‘UFC is Dana White, and Dana White is the UFC

Michael Chandler often praises Dana and the UFC

by Faruk Imamovic
Michael Chandler praises Dana White: ‘UFC is Dana White, and Dana White is the UFC

Since coming to the UFC, Michael Chandler has had various benefits. After only one match against Dan Hooker, he attacked for the lightweight title, but he did not take advantage of the opportunity. Chandler has not hidden his sympathy for president Dana White from the very beginning, although the opportunities he has received should not be attributed solely to this because he came to the UFC as an established and recognized fighter.

Regardless, many fighters don't get those opportunities, at least not this quickly. In his public appearances, Chandler often mentions White and his bosses, saying only the best about them, and he often knows how the UFC and Dan are unfairly criticized and that they even pay fighters too well.

Chandler recently guested on Patrick Bet-David’s Valuetainment podcast where he was asked about the differences between Bellator and the UFC. This was his response:

He said that UFC is Dana and that Dana is UFC:

“Dana’s just on a different level when it comes to the celebrity.

Dana’s a huge, huge name. When he speaks, people listen. When he speaks, it is mixed martial arts, ‘cause he’s been doing it for so much longer,” he said. “Dana’s a little bit more brash, Scott’s a little bit more reserved, (and) there’s pros and cons to both of those.

From a media and PR perspective, I’m sure you can talk to the UFC about that. “I will say I think Scott Coker takes growing Bellator seriously, but not as serious as Dana. I think Dana eats, sleeps, and breathes… it’s his identity.

It is his lifestyle. It is him. The UFC is Dana White, and Dana White is the UFC, and that’s a beautiful thing”. With these words, he will certainly get even more sympathy from his boss, and if we use the vocabulary of Tony Ferguson, he might also get "Dana White privilege".

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