UFC bans fighters, teams from wagering on bouts in updated code of conduct

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UFC bans fighters, teams from wagering on bouts in updated code of conduct

A frequent practice of fighters in the UFC was betting. In addition to "ordinary" betting on other fights, they often used to put money on themselves in order to slightly increase the earnings from the match, considering that sponsors in the cage have long been banned.

However, the UFC put an end to that as of yesterday. Fighters are now no longer allowed to bet directly, but also through third parties through whom they might try to place some money.

The full amendment entitled “Wagering” reads:

“Athletes are prohibited from placing any wagers (directly or through a third party) on any UFC match, including placing any wagers on themselves.

In most states with legalized sports betting, wagering by an athlete (directly or through a third party) on any MMA match put on by a promoter with which they are affiliated is illegal and may result in criminal sanction.

Athletes should also be aware that in most states these same prohibitions apply to some or all of (i) relatives living in the same household as an athlete, (ii) an athlete’s coaches, managers, handlers, athletic trainers, medical professionals and staff, and (iii) any other person with access to non-public information regarding participants in any MMA match.

An athlete that becomes aware or has knowledge of any wagering in violation of these restrictions must immediately notify UFC of such incident in accordance with this UFC Athlete Conduct Policy”. Campbell informed Yahoo Sports of the policy change prior to notification of fighters.

“As gaming has grown nationwide, we’ve been in contact with the overwhelming majority of regulatory bodies,” Campbell told Yahoo Sports. “It has been made clear to us that a large percentage of regulatory bodies prohibit what they would consider inside betting with people who are active participants in the sports that they bet”.

This is quite a radical move by the UFC and will undoubtedly raise more dust. We are still waiting for the fighters' reactions to this document, which you can read in full here: