The first fight against Glover was a disappointing performance for Jiri Prochazka


The first fight against Glover was a disappointing performance for Jiri Prochazka

In the sixth month of this year, Jiri Prochazka became the new light heavyweight champion by defeating Glover Teixeira. Nothing would have been too unusual if he had not defeated him by "submission" in the fifth round of the fight.

Glover will now have the opportunity to avenge that defeat, and he will fight at the UFC 282 event on December 10 (the twelfth month). The fight between these two light heavyweights was truly exciting. Each fighter had his moments, but also those that were a little worse, but Prochazka still managed to take home the light heavyweight belt.

Now that their rematch has been arranged, it looks like Glover isn't the only one who has something to fix from the previous fight. Jiri said yesterday that it was the worst performance of his career: "And this time, I’m glad about what I decided for [the rematch],” said Prochazka on The MMA Hour.

“I think, I just want to show my best performance. In the first fight, that was one of the worst performances of all my fighting [career]. I mean, my attitude to the fight."

Jiri Prochazka is ready for his rematch with Glover Teixeira.

He continued, "I know I can do better, and like I said, Glover deserves the rematch.

That fight was 50-50. I just accept the challenge because there were many voices who called for me to rematch." It is an opportunity for Jiri Prochazka to make amends for his previous mistake. It won't be in the form of a loss, however.

The rematch is viewed by Prochazka as an opportunity to avenge one of the worst performances he has ever put up in his career, rather than revenge. Last week we wrote about how it is still not known whether this fight will be the headline or co-headline fight of the night, because there are big rumors that Stipe Miočić and Jon Jones could fight then.

There is no official information yet, but if it were to come true, it would be a great way to seal the martial arts year.