(VIDEO)Charles Oliveira to Makhachev: 'You guys are just bullsh*tting all the time.'

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(VIDEO)Charles Oliveira to Makhachev: 'You guys are just bullsh*tting all the time.'

This afternoon, a press conference was held for the most anticipated match, but event of this year. It is the UFC 280 event that takes place in Abu Dhabi this Saturday, although it was not the original desire of former champion Charles Oliveira.

The press conference could not pass without questions about the location. It is known that Oliveira and his team wanted the fight to take place somewhere in Brazil, but the UFC did not fulfill their wish, instead the fight was organized in Abu Dhabi.

It's no secret that Makhachev fans are there, as proved by booing at Oliveira's every word. Journalists asked Oliveira how he felt about fighting on Islam's turf, to which he replied: “I’m home. I like being in places like this,” Oliveira said through an interpreter during the UFC 280 press conference on Thursday.

“I always invite them to come to my house. They never come to my house, so I knock on people’s doors and go to theirs”. Makhachev interjected: “When they announce the fight in Brazil, I ask Dana, ‘Please, my team is ready,'” Makhachev said.

“‘Let’s go. I want to make this in Brazil.’ We ask about Brazil many times. If you don’t know this, ask Dana”. Oliveira responded: "This fight was not meant to happen in Brazil. You guys are just bullsh*tting all the time,” Oliveira said.

"He continued, “In no moment, you never wanted this fight to be in Brazil. You never mentioned Brazil. Don’t worry, daddy’s here."

Makhachev replied, accusing Oliveira of avoiding him.

“You tried to avoid this fight how many months? You don’t say my name,” Makhachev said.

“I never heard you say my name. Conor, Nate Diaz, someone, but you never say Islam. Never”. If pressing was this interesting, the fight will probably be a real firework. The official weigh-in is scheduled for today, and then we just have to wait for this spectacle.

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