(VIDEO) Nurmagomedov-Chimaev dispute is squashed by Ramzan Kadyrov


(VIDEO) Nurmagomedov-Chimaev dispute is squashed by Ramzan Kadyrov
(VIDEO) Nurmagomedov-Chimaev dispute is squashed by Ramzan Kadyrov

Although UFC 280 offered plenty of great fights this weekend, the event was not without incident. One of the main actors was Khamzat Chimaev, who at one point physically clashed with Abubakar Nurmagomedov. Namely, while Islam Makhachev was giving his speech after winning the title of lightweight champion, the cameras recorded Khamzat and Abubakar talking.

At one point, they started to push each other, and several punches were thrown. After they caused the incident in Abu Dhabi, Abubakar posted a video on his Instagram profile showing Khabib having a conversation with Abubakar and Khamzat, and they said the misunderstanding has now been resolved.

Abubakar wrote:

"Assalamu Alaykum brothers, greetings to all sports fans. I ask everyone to stop posting fictitious information and gossip on social networks. Everything that happened you have already seen on the video - this is a small misunderstanding that took place personally between me and Khlamzat.

After that, we met with him in the Brotherhood circle, where we were gathered by the elders. As I said in an interview before my fight, Khlamzat is my brother in Faith and I always wish him health and success. I ask you, brothers, not to invent any kind of gossip, and I hope our meeting will be beneficial between our brotherly people.

He hugged everyone. May Allah correct us all.' '

But it is not Khabib who is responsible for calming the passion.

Namely, Ramzan Kadyrov was the most responsible for solving the situation, and immediately after the confrontation, he invited Abubakar and Khamzat to meet and invited them to a video call, and he published a "screenshot" of the same call on his Instagram profile.

"Nerves are tense to the limit, not only in the octagon, but also outside. Each of the spectators is worried about the athlete, and the fighters do experience the same emotions as in the ring. Therefore, it is not surprising that misunderstandings arise at the limit of emotions.

There is no quarrel between Khamzat Chimaev and Abubakr Nurmagomedov - I was convinced personally, and I pass this information on to ill-wishers. Don't make a global problem out of this and don't try to goad and tease the athletes and their fans.

This happens even between brothers. But here there was a misunderstanding, which was resolved. We were and will be brothers, insha Allah! So do not write nonsense, do not take sin into your soul, you will have to answer to the Almighty for every bad word!"

Ramzan Kadyrov

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