UFC 281 winner Alex Pereira demands Israel Adesanya cease making excuses for his loss


UFC 281 winner Alex Pereira demands Israel Adesanya cease making excuses for his loss

Almost every day since the UFC 281 event, you have had the opportunity to read at least one article in which one of the former or still active fighters gives their opinion on the stoppage of the fight between Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira.

One of the most common opinions, or should we say the average opinion, is that Marc Goddard did not make a mistake, but he could have let the match go a little longer because it was still a fight for the title of the UFC middleweight champion.

Such is the opinion of Adesanya, who claims that he was not seriously shaken and that he regrets that the judge did not give him the opportunity to try to get out of a difficult situation. Matt Brown pointed out that the fighters would rather be carried out on a stretcher than lose with an early stoppage, and Sean O'Malley claims that the stoppage was early only for those who wanted to see Adesanya knocked out harder.

Alex Pereira at the press conference after the fight stated that it was an absolutely correct stoppage, and after a certain amount of dust was raised, Pereira decided to announce himself via Instagram. "Adesanya stop making excuses saying that the referee stopped the fight early… you have to thank him for saving your life.

The way you were with your head down looking at the ground, I only needed one or two more hits to connect a good knee to your face so we wouldn’t know the outcome. As I said at that point in the video, you were a great opponent and I respect you for that.
Assume the mistakes along with your team without taking away my merits.

You will have one more chance! You’re next!”, said Pereira, who is clearly interested in another match against Izzy, but he is a little bit affected by Izzy's claims that the referee should have let the match go a bit longer.

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Israel Adesanya previously said Alex Pereira has not earned title shot.

"What have you done to earn the spot? I still don't think he's earned the spot, but I welcome it because he's fresh at this. I want to welcome him and I want to expose him at this," Adesanya told Luke Thomas for "Morning Kombat".

"If he had the run that I had, if he had to go through people that I went through, he would have been exposed three fights ago. He would have beaten some of those guys, definitely, but he would have been exposed along the way.

"I cleared the way for him because I cleared the division. It was a clear path right to me."

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