Jorge Masvidal responds to Gilbert Burn's claims that he turned down fights

"Gamebred" claims that Burns is not telling the truth and is ready to deal with him

by Faruk Imamovic
Jorge Masvidal responds to Gilbert Burn's claims that he turned down fights

Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns haven't appeared in the cage since spring. Two top welterweights have lost in their last matches and victory will be imperative for them in their next match. This is especially true of Jorge Masvidal, who is on a three-fight losing streak, but has lost twice to Kamaru Usman and once to Colby Covington.

Gilbert Burns in the fourth month provided the best match of the year against Khamzat Chimaev, but lost by a unanimous decision. Burns has been interested in a fight against Masvidal for a long time, and a few days ago he revealed that nothing would probably come off that match.

“Just letting everyone know that @ufc offered me @GamebredFighter 3x First time was for Nov 12. He said he needs more time, second time for Dec 10 he said he was going to 🇧🇷 to fight me and now he just said no again!

🤷🏾‍♂️ so I guess the B from his BMF belt doesn’t stand for bad”. Burns wrote on his Twitter profile. Burns revealed shortly after that he will perform at the event scheduled for Brazil (January 21, 2023), but the opponent is not yet known.

However, "Durinho" could be patient with the new performance and move it to two months later. Although there is no official confirmation yet, it is assumed that the UFC will then hold an event in London.

Jorge Masvidal responded to Burns's above-mentioned words.

“Sorry I’ve been missing.

Your boy’s been spreading his words, doing his thing, making sure this country stays as free as can be,” Masvidal said on Instagram. “I love you all, left to right. Midterms are over already, so now I can focus on some other things like myself and being selfish.

So I’ve got to address this little b**** that I usually wouldn’t have time for, but I’ll make some time for you today, Gilbert. “Hunter [Campbell], if you’re hearing this or when you see this, can you please tell this b**** I never agreed to November, December or January.

I’ve had court cases, I’ve had different things, a bunch of things where I haven’t been able to decide on when I fight”.

When it comes to lawsuits, it is almost certainly a lawsuit filed against Masvidal for inflicting grievous bodily harm on Colby Covington.

Gamebred attacked Colby in the third month outside a restaurant in Miami and punched him several times, leaving Colby with no teeth. It seems that the court process is coming to an end and Masvidal is eager to return to the cage.

“I’ve gotten some much better news on today, so guess what?” continued Masvidal. “If you want to get your ass whooped when Leon Edwards defends that f****** belt in England, I will gladly beat the living s*** out of you Gilbert.

If not, shut the f*** up. “Because you are a p****. You’re not going to do nothing. When you see me in the street or when you see me in the cage, and we both know it, you’re going to ask me for a picture in real life and say it’s all bulls*** and it’s just for the pay-per-view.

So shut the f*** up”. Masvidal may tell his classic story, but there is probably no MMA fan who will believe the theory that Gilbert Burns is scared of someone. The Brazilian shared the cage with a handful of top fighters, he agreed to a match against Khamzat Chimaev when many were not interested.

Burns didn't have much to gain in that match, and he risked his high position in the rankings. In the end, Burns showed that Chimaev is very vulnerable and that he can be matched inside the cage.

Jorge Masvidal