Prior to UFC 282, Paddy Pimblett explains how he lost 50 pounds


Prior to UFC 282, Paddy Pimblett explains how he lost 50 pounds
Prior to UFC 282, Paddy Pimblett explains how he lost 50 pounds

In addition to doing a great job in the cage so far, Paddy Pimblett is also doing a great job with his marketing. In addition to the fact that he often gives great interviews in the cage after fights, in the past he even bought the hearts of fans who were not very fond of him until then.

But, apart from that, another thing is characteristic of Paddy, and that is of course his weight when he is not in the training camp. Many times Paddy has already talked about how much he actually likes food and how much he eats when he's not losing weight for a match, and in the last YouTube video he described exactly how that process goes.

Before the start of the camp for this fight, Paddy weighed as much as 93 kg.

He described how he managed to lose it.

“There’s no rocket science to it,” Pimblett said. “It’s not hard. Get yourself in a calorie deficit.

Why do you think I get so fat? Because I’ve got to go from eating 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day to eating 8,000 a day. That’s why the weight piles on and that’s why it comes off so easy”. “Last camp was one of the worst camps of my life,” Pimblett said.

“The day I got back from America, I had, like, seven weeks to make weight. The UFC just announced that date and I was like, I’m going to have to fight on it, aren’t I? It’s in the O2. I had seven weeks to lose, like, 20 kilos [approx.

44 pounds], and I did it. “Where I’m at now, I’ve got, like, nine kilos [approx. 20 pounds] to lose. I’ve done more than that overnight. I’ve done 8.4 kilos overnight before, I can do nine kilos in four weeks”.

Although he is certainly attracting new fans with this, the question is how long his body will endure losing so many pounds. Paddy performs at UFC 282 on 10/12, and his opponent will be Jared Gordon. “I promise you now,” Pimblett said. “Jared Gordon’s getting finished in the first. Watch”.

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