Aljamain Sterling: Sean O'Malley earned shot at title

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Aljamain Sterling: Sean O'Malley earned shot at title

Although many call him "the luckiest champion in the history of the UFC", Aljamain Sterling continues to emerge victorious from his fights, which he did recently. At the UFC 280 event, he defeated T.J. Dillashaw defended his bantamweight belt and finished the former champion with a technical knockout in the second round.

Dillashaw was injured right in the first round and could not use his left hand, so the path to a new title defense was open for Sterling. Sterling took advantage of this and defeated Dillashaw, and Henry Cejudo was often mentioned as the next opponent.

Cejudo announced his return from retirement and attacked the title held by Sterling, but it seems that the champion is not too interested in this fight. At UFC 280, Sean O'Malley defeated Petr Yan and took his place as the first challenger, and it seems that Sterling is the most interested in that fight.

“O’Malley did earn it – I can’t deny that,” Sterling told MMA Fighting. “Even Dana [White] said you beat the No. 1 contender so it made sense and then somehow, some way he backtracked. “I’m not sure if he thought my fight wasn’t going to go that way, and I’m not sure if he thought the Yan-O’Malley fight was going to go that way as far as being so competitive.

He probably thought somebody was going to get stopped and then, ‘Holy s*** this guy definitely needs to fight for the title!’. That’s usually how it works. It’s usually the performance, but it was a great performance from both guys.

Both guys fought their asses off. They got ‘Fight of the Night.’ So I don’t see why either one should have been denied that follow up claim that Dana made that whoever won would be next and he threw Cejudo in there”.

Sterling has said he's not interested in fighting Cejudo

“I’m just not excited about that matchup [with Henry Cejudo],” Sterling said. “Because he hasn’t competed. For me, if the fans cared — like really cared — the overall consensus was this is the matchup to make, Cejudo you are the guy, I’m calling you out, that’s the money fight because people want to see that fight.

I just don’t feel like that’s it. “If O’Malley is the biggest name right now coming off the win, now the No. 1 guy, I don’t see why he shouldn’t get the fight. People are going to say ‘you want the easier fight.’ I don’t get how that fight’s easy? He’s long, he’s rangy, he’s got great footwork. He can crack. I don’t see how it’s an easy fight by any means”.