Alexander Volkanovski frustrated by doubters ahead of Makhachev fight

Although Makhachev is physically stronger, Volkanovski is still one of the most complete fighters in the UFC

by Faruk Imamovic
Alexander Volkanovski frustrated by doubters ahead of Makhachev fight

Islam Makhachev won the lightweight title last month and defeated Charles Oliveira in Abu Dhabi, and even before the fight it was known who would be the next challenger for the new champion. Alexander Volkanovski has long announced his attack on the lightweight belt, and at the beginning of next year he will welcome Islam Makhachev on his home turf in Perth.

Although he is pound-for-pound number one in the UFC for a reason, it seems that a good number of fans do not believe in Volkanovski when it comes to the lightweight division and the match against Makhachev. Most agree that Volkanovski is one of the most complete fighters in the UFC, but Islam's physical predispositions are seen by many as a huge problem.

Alexander himself spoke about it.

Volkanovski: ‘Don’t Change The Narrative When I Win’

“One thing I’ve been thinking about is people talking about how much of a challenge this is, right? Almost people thinking I’m silly for taking this,” Volkanovski said.

“It’s sort of frustrating to see people think (that). “Why wouldn’t you challenge yourself? We should always challenge ourselves. Why do people doubt themselves and don’t think they can accomplish things that, yeah, might be a hard task, but you should not doubt yourself,” Volkanovski added.

“Trust me, nothing’s impossible, and I’m gonna show you February (11)”. “I just want everyone to remember what they’re saying about this as well,” Volkanovski stated. “There’s a lot of people that are like, ‘Man, I don’t know, this is a big ask.’ Yeah, he’s one of the most feared lightweights, ‘I’m crazy for doing this, it’s unthinkable, the impossible task,’ people are trying to put that out there.

I just want people to remember them saying that. Remember this doubt people are saying." UFC 284 will take place on February 11. next year in Perth, and of course it will be led by Volkanovski and Makhachev. We will find out at the beginning of next year which fighter will be better and what will decide everything.

Alexander Volkanovski