The UFC looks to schedule Francis Ngannou-Jon Jones early in 2023

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The UFC looks to schedule Francis Ngannou-Jon Jones early in 2023
The UFC looks to schedule Francis Ngannou-Jon Jones early in 2023

Jon Jones' comeback and heavyweight debut has been talked about so many times, which still hasn't happened. At the beginning of 2020, Jones made his last appearance, after which he announced the transition to the heavyweight category and the hunt for the belt of that category, but 2022 is coming to an end and we have not seen Jones anywhere near the cage.

The renowned portal MMA Junkie may have finally discovered some new moment when it comes to Jones and his future, and they published some insider information. We do not know how credible and accurate they are, nor do we know who exactly gave them to them.

But according to this information, the wait could finally come to an end.

Nicksick told MMA Junkie Radio

“A UFC exec called and basically said, ‘Hey, what is your ideal timeline, and what is your ideal matchup?'” Nicksick told MMA Junkie Radio.

“Does it matter what my opinion is? No, but it is nice that they called and asked. I said ideally I would want March, and ideally I would want Jon Jones. The person that called agreed 1 million percent that this is what (the UFC) would like, as well.

That is what Francis would like. They’re calling to figure out timeline on injury and how long I would need to get him ready”. There were a lot of rumors about the fight between Jones and Miocic, but it was learned that the UFC did not offer anything concrete to anyone, so they probably never even planned the fight.

Ariel Helwani said that in that case there is a great possibility that Stipe will retire, but it would be worth waiting for his official announcement. According to sources from MMA Junkie, a match between Francis Ngannou and Jon Jones is planned for UFC 285, which will take place on March 5th (third month) next year in Las Vegas.

If Ngannou is not ready even then, the UFC has prepared a replacement fighter, Curtis Blaydes. This information should be taken with a grain of salt because they didn't say who told them and when, but it doesn't seem impossible.

Jones has been talking about moving to heavyweight for almost three years now, and it would really be time for that to happen, but of course it all depends on him.

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